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My latest pilot, This Isn't Me, was supposed to screen at South by Southwest 2020, but the world as we know it ended, and now you can watch it here! 

The second video is the trailer, if you'd care to test the waters.

This Isn't Me
An earnest Los Angeles gay guy with a skewed sense of decorum chases meaning and intimacy, routinely humiliating himself and occasionally stumbling into moments of grace.

A South by Southwest 2020 Official Selection

Winner of Best Comedy Pilot at 2019 Catalyst Content (formerly ITV Fest)

Winner of Best Comedy Pilot at the 2019 San Pedro International Film Festival

Winner of Best Comedy Pilot at the 2019 Orland International Film Festival

"Pushing up against the line of appropriateness at every turn, this pilot will have you holding your breath and trying to keep from laughing at the irreverent, risky and entirely original comedy. The writer's voice is unique, provocative and unbelievably funny. Fred is an entirely ridiculous but totally lovable protagonist, and it is exciting to imagine all of the crazy antics he will get up to week-in and week-out as he tutors the damaged and maladjusted children of Los Angeles... Every character is over-the-top in their own way, down to the smallest of roles, and the world of the series is already bursting off the page."

—The Tracking Board       

The Next Best Thing
A middle-aged gay man faces the upheaval of his closest relationships when he decides to start dating women.

Included by the Black List in 2016's TV Staffing Book

Best Comedy Pilot finalist at the Austin Film Festival's Screenplay Competition

Named by The Tracking Board one of the Top 100 Pilots of 2015

"Edgy and sharply written...a refreshing single-camera sitcom..."

—The Black List                

"This topical project tackles homosexuality from an entirely new angle. It's not a gay man struggling to be accepted as gay, but rather a gay man who discovers his friends only have enough energy to support one change in sexuality in his life. The situations he gets himself into are both objectively funny and 'can't look away' cringe-worthy. A stellar supporting cast adds consistently funny tension as well as dramatic progression for Gary in his search to find his true self. It's incredibly relevant, accessible, and original."

—The Tracking Board       

Three addled friends drive each other crazy with their competing addictions to drugs, sex, and food.

A PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Semifinalist

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